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Huffaker Homes is a local, family owned company buying houses in Michigan and Arizona. We help home owners such as yourself by purchasing your house with cash, and and we close quickly in as little as two weeks. If you are interested in selling your home, this can save months of waiting for a licensed agent to list your house, attract buyers, close on your house and take a huge commission. If your house is in less than perfect condition, it could be undesirable to typical retail buyers using the traditional listing agent model.

Do you fall into one of these general categories?  Lets talk.

Problems With House

The house is distressed, rundown, neglected, has structural issues, fire damage, foundation problems, or other issues that make it unattractive to typical buyers. (See Reverse)

No Problem!

It doesn’t matter what types of problems you may have with your house. We will make a fair offer and buy it from you for cash. You do not need to repair it first.

Personal Situations

You need to sell fast due to a difficult situation. This could be due to a divorce, death, tax liens, moving, facing foreclosure, or landlord issues.(See Reverse)

No Problem!

Regardless of your specific situation, we want to help you resolve it. Our goal is to offer a quick solution and peace of mind. We can close fast and pay with cash!

When we buy your house, you do not need to repair it, clean it, make any upgrades, or worry about anything.  We buy your house AS-IS.

Common Situations We Can Help You With

Whether your house needs major work or you are simply behind on your mortgage payments and can’t seem to get ahead, we can buy your house for cash and help you find some much needed relief!  We will discuss your situation, make a fair offer on your home, and close fast with cash. Here is just a sample of situations we can help:

  • Behind on Mortgage / Avoid Foreclosure
  • Debt Removal or Renegotiation
  • Catastrophic Event: Fire / Flooding / Mold
  • Home is Run Down / Neglected / Distressed

  • Foundation or Structural Problems

  • Unable to sell due to Title Issues

  • Bank Owned / REO / Short Sale

  • Upside Down Mortgage / Short Sale

  • Death In Family / Probate Issues

  • Divorce, Separation, or Family Issues

  • Relocation / Career Change / Moving

  • Out of State Landlords / Need to Sell

  • Landlords with Tenant Problems

  • Sell without hassle and unknowns of using an Agent

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How It Works

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Huffaker Homes can help regardless of the situation you may be in.  If you need to sell your house fast, for whatever reason, just fill out the form below to get started: