Welcome to Huffaker Homes!

Huffaker Homes is a local, family owned company that started in Phoenix, Arizona and now works in both Arizona and Michigan. Our Michigan operation is primarily focused on managing and operating the Clinton Inn, which we purchased in May of 2019.  We are also building our rental property portfolio in Southeast Michigan.

Our primary business in Arizona is purchasing houses, fully remodeling them, and selling the finished houses back into the community. We buy these houses with cash, and we close quickly in as little as two weeks. This can save a seller literally months of waiting for a realtor to list a house and hope to attract buyers, especially if the house is in need of repairs or updates or other factors that make the house undesirable to buyers.

The houses we purchase come from various sources and generally meet one of two common criteria:

  • The house is distressed, rundown, neglected, has structural issues or fire damage, or other issues that make it unattractive to typical retail buyers

  • The home owner is in a difficult situation and needs to sell fast. This could be due to a divorce, death, tax liens, or facing foreclosure.

Regardless of the situation, we buy the houses quickly for cash, then fully remodel these houses and sell them to excited new home buyers. This helps revitalize and improve the quality of our communities and increase the overall value of the neighborhoods.

With the ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, we can create an extremely fast, and hassle-free transaction.

Common Situations We Can Help

  • Behind on Mortgage / Avoid Foreclosure
  • Debt Removal or Renegotiation
  • Catastrophic Event: Fire / Flooding / Mold
  • Home is Run Down / Neglected / Distressed

  • Foundation or Structural Problems

  • Unable to sell due to Title Issues

  • Bank Owned / REO / Short Sale

  • Upside Down Mortgage / Short Sale

  • Death In Family / Probate Issues

  • Divorce, Separation, or Family Issues

  • Relocation / Career Change / Moving

  • Out of State Landlords / Need to Sell

  • Landlords with Tenant Problems

  • Sell without hassle and unknowns of using an Agemt

You're never alone...

Through our vast training, experience, and expertise, along with our relationships in the industry, we are able to assist homeowners with a wide variety of real estate issues. We work with each customer personally and pride ourselves in our ability to resolve many unique situations.

We're here to help!

We work with you closely to understand your unique situation, put your mind at ease, and walk through the entire selling process with you.

Meet the Team

Marvin Huffaker
Marvin HuffakerPartner
Marvin raised his family in Arizona, lived there for 20 years, and has been an entrepreneur and local business owner since 2001. In 2019, Huffaker Homes purchased the Clinton Inn in southeast Michigan. Marvin now lives full time in Michigan and oversees operations of the Clinton Inn. He believes in developing and maintaining lasting business relationships, with many customer relationships spanning 15+ years. Marvin operates at a very high level of ethics and integrity.
Austin Huffaker
Austin HuffakerPartner
Austin has lived in Arizona for 20 years and grew up in the Gilbert area. Through his parents business ventures he has been exposed to a vast array of business experiences and topics. He enjoys basketball, the outdoors, and off-road adventures. Austin specializes in project and rehab management. While he currently resides in Arizona, he plays a key role in the business operations.